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What services does RMI provide?

Services may include Occupational Therapy assessments and intervention, Case Management plans and on-going care identification and coordination, Vocational assessments and vocational rehabilitation, and Life Care Plans (also known as Future Cost of Care reports). It is important to note that RMI works with all age ranges and has specialized expertise in pediatric, legal and forensic matters.

What is Occupational Therapy?

Occupational Therapy (OT) helps to reduce challenges people may face in completing everyday activities. Through modification of the person’s environment, prescription of devices/equipment etc., OTs facilitate independence and functioning by helping individuals regain skills, maintain/optimize function, and develop new skills to compensate for lost functions. OTs work with persons who have challenges impacting their cognitive, psychosocial/emotional, behavioural or physical abilities.

What is Case Management?

Case Management (CM) is a “key person” role to ensure individuals, and possibly their families as appropriate, have one person to contact in the community to coordinate care and devise a care team and care plan. The person would have a strong knowledge of the health condition and likely be a Regulated Health Practitioner.  CM is available under varied third party policies. For example, under auto insurance in Ontario it is available for individuals who have been deemed “catastrophic” and whose needs, therefore, are complex. Case Management is a collaborative approach that starts with a rehabilitation plan reflecting the person’s rehabilitation goals, includes knowledge and navigation of the health care system, and ongoing co-ordination of services to ensure that the individual receives access to the most appropriate services within his/her community.

What is a Future Cost of Care report?

A Future Cost of Care report identifies long term needs following permanent impairments. RMI’s Certified Life Care Planners use a structured analytical approach to establish a person’s lifetime needs and the associated costs.   RMI’s reports are a valuable tool for settling claims in an informed and reasonable manner and are typically requested by law firms.

Do you provide physiotherapy treatment?

While RMI counsellors have extensive knowledge of community resources and physiotherapists in the community, RMI itself does not provide physiotherapy services.

Do I need a doctor’s referral?

No, a doctor’s referral is not required in order to request RMI services. A doctor’s support may be required under the third party policy you carry.

Are RMI services covered by OHIP?

RMI services fall outside of OHIP and may be funded in a number of different ways: through auto insurance, law firms, or by clients directly

What fees does RMI charge?

For services provided through Ontario’s auto insurance, the regulatory body overseeing automobile insurance sets out the hourly rates payable by auto insurers for services provided by health care providers. For work that is not covered by this regulated insurance scheme, the hourly rate is based on the experience and credentials of the consultant.

How can I obtain services under automobile insurance?

In the province of Ontario, providing appropriate paperwork and assessments are completed, the insurance company may pay for 100% of RMI services. However, to qualify for funding, insurance companies require that an OCF-18 Treatment and Assessment Plan be prepared and submitted for pre-approval. Once the insurer has approved our plan (which has been reviewed and signed by the client prior to submission), RMI’s counsellor can proceed with the services outlined on the plan. Alternatively in other provinces across Canada, RMI may be requested by a law firm representing injury survivor(s), or other carrier (such as LTD) will fund our involvement. 

How soon will the counsellor/therapist see me?

In the province of Ontario, once the OCF-18 Treatment and Assessment Plan is submitted, the auto insurer has up to 10 business days to reply. Once a plan is approved, an RMI counsellor will contact you directly to schedule your assessment. Our Client Services team work diligently to ensure prompt timing.

Where do I go to for an assessment or treatment?

Because we are a community based rehabilitation company, our counsellors assess and treat their clients in the client home or in the community.

Can you help me if my problems aren’t because of an automobile collision?

RMI assists individuals who experience various medical difficulties, often related to trauma, and often due to a motor vehicle collision. A Client Services representative would be pleased to review your needs with you to determine the best options for assessment or treatment.

Should I have a lawyer if I’ve been injured in a motor vehicle accident?

Many individuals find that the assistance of a legal representative is invaluable in understanding their legal options, navigating  complex insurance schemes, ensuring that appropriate benefits are accessed, and resolving potential disputes with a third party (such as an insurance company). At your request, RMI will provide names of law firms that have exceptional reputations for helping in your specific area of need.