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Services are available for children, adolescents, and adults at varied life stages.

Life Care Plans

Establishing Future Needs and Costs of Care since 1987:  Benefit from the country’s most experienced care planning team, including:

  • Certified Life Care Planners since 2000
  • Internationally established methodology and research-based data
  • Producing relevant research
  • Standardized measures, observations and collateral and collaborative data
  • Individualization of current and future needs to meet individual lifestyles
  • Comprehensive and integrated approaches to ensure proper insurance reserves and fair legal settlements
  • Leading legal decisions for cost of care
  • Provisional documents available when time sensitive turnarounds are required

Documents can be used to meet Tort, Mediation or Personal needs.

RMI is the recognized leader in this sub-specialty.

Catastrophic Case Management
  • Opening the Door to the Community; this is a unique area of RMI’s service expertise since 1987
    • Using a “key person” approach, our Case Managers enable a single point contact for complex and catastrophic level conditions
    • Assessing and evaluating service needs and priorities for current support requirements
    • Developing, implementing and coordinating a cohesive community rehabilitation team
    • Moving people forward together with clients, family and stakeholders
    • Integrating short term and long term goals and needs
    • Measuring, evaluating, and monitoring progress to achieve specified outcomes
    • Working to ensure timely and reasonable access to goods and services

Members of our RMI team helped to develop the published, National Standards of Practice for Case Management

Occupational Therapy Services

Assessing and Enabling Independent Function

  • Assess and evaluate an individual’s capacity to function as independently as possible at home or in the community
  • Determine supports needed to enable living in community
  • Design and implement plans for improving functional capacity
  • Establish goods and services needed for self-care and productivity
  • Situational Assessments (see AMPS)
AMPS (Assessment of Motor and Process Skills)

Part of our Occupational Therapy Services

  • Objective, situational assessment of capacity for an individual’s ability to live at home and/or in community
  • Leading the way with RMI’s specially trained and AMPS certified Occupational Therapists
  • Establishing functional capacity in a situational setting (home or community)
  • Aiding in determining level of care need and support using this internationally endorsed and accepted, standardized approach
Attendant Care Assessments

Ensuring Care when needed for physical and mental well-being

  • Establish level and frequency of current attendant (personal) care needs
  • Apply expertise and clinical tools to answer attendant need questions for everyday living tasks
  • Provide Referrals as needed to help expedite comprehensive care and access to supports for personal care
Discharge Planning Support

Easing Transition to Community following Hospitalization; Recognized for our timely response and professionalism

  • Working in partnership with hospital discharge teams to help transition patients from hospital to their next place of residence
  • Arrangements made for recommended supports: services, equipment, aids and devices
  • Ensuring follow-up with hospital, individual/family to ensure needs are communicated, understood and addressed post-discharge
Vocational Rehabilitation

Working to Make a Difference

  • Assessing and evaluating employability following life-altering conditions and trauma
  • Assessing work demands and employment environment to accommodate functional needs
  • Designing and implementing individualized plans to return a person to meaningful vocational activity
Forensic Support

Addressing Special Litigation Needs and Problems

  • Providing specialized input to the Courts and legal proceedings regarding specific queries on cost of care and support needs or related individual queries
  • Review of Expert report for accuracy and responding to specific queries of referring lawyer(s)
  • Examples of our class action or specialized work, are: Medical Products and Liability; Sexual Abuse; Shaken Baby Syndrome; Thalidomide survivors in Canada

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